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Chronos Anti-Aging Program

Chronos Anti-Aging Program

Change the Way You Age with Chronos

At Chronos, we believe in helping you redefine the way you age, from the inside out and beyond. Our comprehensive suite of services, ranging from cutting-edge skincare and med spa services to personalized wellness and longevity plans, is designed to ensure that you not only age gracefully but thrive at every stage of life.

Redefine Aging from the Inside Out

For years, Chronos has stood as a pioneer in utilizing the latest technologies to rejuvenate skin, enhance physical tone, and redefine body contours. Our dedication goes beyond surface-level aesthetics; we dive deep into the heart of aging itself. Beginning with a personal consultation, we design tailored medication and nutraceutical plans centered on the path to cellular longevity and health. By harnessing research-based medications such as rapamycin, semaglutide, and metformin, we aim to mitigate disease risks and potentially extend life. Our founder’s personal use of several prescription medications, without diagnosed medical concerns, stands as a testament to their safety and potency. But our approach isn’t solely pharmaceutical; we emphasize holistic anti-aging solutions. From NAD+ infusions and PRP/PRF treatments, we address the root causes of aging symptoms, merging both functional medicine and med spa services. Our anti-aging program, typically lasting between 3-6 months, offers transformative results that you can both see and feel.

A Comprehensive Approach to Wellness

We know that aging is more than skin deep. That’s why we offer a range of services like fitness consultations, nutritional guidance, and medical weight reduction programs. We also provide specialized infusion services, targeting both nutritional and hydration balance to improve performance, skin revitalization, and overall health.

Your Journey to a Better Tomorrow Starts Today

Start by booking a consultation via our website, phone, or social media channels. Whether you prefer an in-house visit or a virtual meeting, we’re committed to delving deep into understanding your lifestyle, objectives, and health requirements. After your initial consultation, we’ll provide continuous tailored maintenance plans to ensure you’re on the right track towards your goals. At Chronos, we help you invest in today for a better, healthier tomorrow. Because we believe that healthy beauty is timeless.

Real People. Real Results.


We make it easy to access the premier mind and body wellness services – all in one location. Take the first step toward the best version of yourself and join a wellness community unlike any other!