Meet the Doc

Meet Mace Scott, MD

Dr. Mace Scott has a passion for advancing the field of anti-aging and hormone therapy. He started on his academic career at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he graduated in 1994. He further pursued his education by obtaining a Master’s in Science from the Louisiana State University Health Science Center in 1996, where he also engaged in extensive research and contributed to multiple publications.

Dr. Scott went on to earn his medical degree from the Louisiana State University Health Science Center in 2002. As a result of his background and research experience, he has been able to approach medical challenges from a multifaceted perspective allowing him to make significant contributions to the field of healthcare.

Dr. Scott dedicated over a decade of his career to the study of hormone therapy, cultivating a profound understanding of promoting overall well-being and vitality. His expertise in this area has positioned him as a leading authority, sought after for his insight and guidance in the realm of hormone-related health issues.

In addition to his work in hormone therapy, Dr. Scott has also devoted his latter career to researching cellular longevity and anti-aging. His studies in this area have enabled him to unravel the complexities of aging at a cellular level, driving approaches aimed at enhancing longevity and mitigating the effects of aging.

Dr. Scott has earned widespread recognition for his contributions to the field of anti-aging and hormone therapy. He continues to be a driving force in the pursuit of innovative healthcare solutions, inspiring both his peers and patients alike with his expertise and commitment to transformative medical practices.

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