Hormone Optimization

Start living your life instead of your age by optimizing your hormone levels.

Hormone Optimization

Start living your life instead of your age by optimizing your hormone levels.

The Chronos Difference

Hormone Replacement Therapy

At our center, transforming healthcare for individuals aged 40 and above is more than just a mission – it’s a dedication rooted in personal and professional commitment. We focus on the unique intricacies of hormone imbalances, dedicated to restoring energy, uplifting vitality, and enhancing the overall quality of life with tailored hormone balance solutions. While the market is filled with standardized hormone therapies, our center stands out by ensuring your safety and delivering effective results through customized plans and personalized care.

Dr. Scott brings more than a decade of extensive research and a deep understanding of hormones. This foundation of knowledge forms the basis of our unique and comprehensive approach to hormone balance.

When you choose our center, rest assured that Dr. Scott’s extensive personal experience and profound understanding of hormones guide your journey to balanced health. We offer a personal, researched, and experienced-based approach, ensuring you feel understood, cared for, and confident in your path to wellness.

Hormones & Nutrition

The Chronos Weight Coaching & Nutrition Program is physician-developed and integrates the potential benefits of HRT with patient-specific coaching. We recognize that every individual’s path to fitness is distinct, and influenced by factors like hormonal balance, food preferences, and commitment levels. By potentially integrating HRT, we are addressing another crucial element that influences weight and wellness.

EMPower your Hormone Optimization

Our 24-hour fitness center isn’t just a place to work out; it’s a holistic approach to wellness that understands the intricate connection between physical activity and your body’s internal balance. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can be a vital component in achieving and maintaining your fitness goals, particularly as hormones play a critical role in muscle growth, metabolism, and energy levels. When paired with a dedicated fitness regimen, HRT can potentially enhance the results you see and how you feel.

Our Process

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Is It Age… Or Is It Hormones?


Men’s Hormone Optimization

When it comes to Hormone Optimization Therapy, one size does not fit all.

The Chronos Institute Hormone Optimization Therapy program is more than just a low- testosterone treatment. We help men with symptoms of andropause and low testosterone take control of their health and well-being.

What Testosterone Impacts

• Fatigue
• Decreased Muscle Mass
• Decreased Sex Drive
• Increased Body Fat
• Hair Loss
• Sleep Disturbances
• Mental Fogginess
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Memory Loss

From this list of symptoms, it’s obvious why HRT treatment for men is so important and that low testosterone can have a BIG impact on overall health and quality of life. Unfortunately, these symptoms are sometimes quickly and routinely written off as a normal part of aging.

Women’s Hormone Optimization

Discover the Difference of Properly-Balanced Hormones
For many women, Hormone Optimization Therapy can be a transformative treatment. However, most physicians and clinics do not have the necessary experience to prescribe customized hormone optimization therapy medications and instead recommend standard doses.
The disruptive symptoms of hormone imbalance experienced by pre-menopausal and menopausal
• Fatigue
• Hair Loss
• Hot Flashes
• Insomnia
• Low Sex Drive
• Memory Loss
• Mood Swings
• Osteoporosis
• Skin Changes
• Weight Gain

From this list of symptoms, it’s obvious why HRT treatment for women is so important and that hormones can have a BIG impact on overall health and quality of life.
Diet, exercise, and vitamins are important to maintaining your wellness and anti-aging routine. However, hormone replacement therapy should not be overlooked due to its ability to restore energy, provide long-term therapeutic protection, and help women feel better overall as they age.

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